Scott Knaster

Helping people learn about cool things

Writing, speaking, training, demoing, performing, sharing. Mostly tech. With humor and verve.

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Scott Knaster

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  • Learn quickly

  • Meet deadlines

  • Speak tech and non-tech equally well

  • I'm very good at this!

  • I've done a lot of this

Some things I've done:

  • Provided developer support to software engineers and product support to non-technical users

  • Developed and delivered training classes, conference presentations, and demos

  • Wrote and published 15 books, most of them about Macintosh programming

  • Delivered keynote addresses at various conferences, including MacHack and Mactech.

  • Sang (songs) at meetings and in internal company videos

  • Managed writers and support engineers

"Getting Scott Knaster to teach you programming is like getting Michael Jordan to teach you how to play basketball."

- Guy Kawasaki, Author, Evangelist, Speaker

Employment History

Google / Alphabet, 2005 to 2022. Senior Technical Writer

  • Wrote external developer documentation, user and admin help articles, and internal technical documentation

  • Edited and managed Google Developers Blog (over 100,000 subscribers) and +Google Developers (over 700,000 readers)

Prior to 2005

  • Apple Inc., Technical Writer and Technical Support Manager

  • Microsoft Corp., Technical Writer

  • General Magic, Inc., Technical Writer

  • Danger, Inc., Technical Writer

A few writing samples

"Scott's book 'How to Write Macintosh Software' was required reading for Mac programmers for more than a decade."

- MacHack


Wrote and published 15 books, including the following selected highlights:

Series Editor of Addison-Wesley’s Macintosh Inside Out, a collection of 19 technical books.

"Without Scott, there would be no Electronic Frontier Foundation."

- John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Other things

  • Like books, music, TV, and movies

  • Love to perform in stage musicals

  • Wrote, directed, and performed Adjacent to Greatness, a solo storytelling show on the live stage

  • Once rode the Staten Island Ferry back and forth for 24 hours in a row